Airbus Middle East identifies Saudi top aviation innovators

Monday, April 3rd, 2017

In the presence of Prince Dr. Turki Bin Saud Bin Mohammed Al Saud, President of King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) and Chairman of TAQNIA , ‘Entaliq with Airbus’ concluded Sunday (Feb. 5), with an awards ceremony honoring its participants and top three winners.

Organized by Airbus Middle East, the ceremony was hosted by KACST and attended by the program’s strategic and community partners, industry stakeholders and wider guests. Ahmad Alsawy’s wireless virtual reality surround sound headset, Mohamad Ghulam’s foreign object debris solution for airport tarmacs, and Rehab Aljuhni and Raed Alrefaei’s solution for passengers’ low blood pressure through in-flight blood-circulation activities, were announced as top three winners respectively by the program’s panel of judges. The three finalists will witness their projects come to life with the support of the initiative’s partners. Partner’s involvement will include training of team members, incubation of the business concept or promoting the solution in company portfolios.

Entaliq with Airbus’ was launched by Airbus Middle East in September 2016 in partnership with TAQNIA Aeronautics and Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudia). The initiative provides a platform to support the development of innovators and entrepreneurs in KSA across various science and aviation technology disciplines.

The winning ideas, that will move on to the incubation process, includes Ahmad Alsawy’s in-flight entertainment innovation of an ergonomically friendly headset that can be converted from a simply audio device to a full wearable computer, changing the whole in-flight entertainment experience. Other winning submissions focused on the contribution to the safety of passengers starting from the runway using Mohamad Ghulam’s technology solution that deals with foreign object debris, to Rehab Aljuhni and Raed Alrefaei’s contribution to inflight safety and comfort of passengers who suffer from low blood pressure and require movement during long-haul flights.

Saleh bin Nasser Al-Jasser, Director General of Saudia, said “it is amazing to see the ideas that have been presented and developed throughout the course of this program. Many of these concepts have the potential to change the aviation industry, and witnessing these innovations come from the youth in Saudi Arabia has opened doors, advancements and opportunities for the young talent and Saudia, as the national carrier of the Kingdom.”

Following the awarding of the winners, community partners; Aviation Australia Riyadh College, the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission (SACM) and Qotuf, Saudi’s leading think-tank incubation firm, elaborated on the future of the winning ideas as they enter the incubation process.