What We Do

TAQNIA’s directs its effort towards value-added developments, in which the Kingdom’s strategic technologies will be the primary focus. TAQNIA operates its business structure around 3 main tracks:


The investment track oversees the company’s direct investment activities in early stage technology companies locally and globally. As a pioneer of Saudi Arabia’s Venture Capital ecosystems, TAQNIA ensures its Investment portfolio is diversified across strategic industries to ensure proper risk management resulting in sustainable financial returns.


The industries track overseas the business development and industrial investment activities by developing attractive and strategic opportunities and establishing robust partnerships with global leaders in order to localize advanced technologies to support the Kingdom’s initiatives to move towards a diversified economy base. Opportunities in this track are in line with the company’s six focus sectors: Energy & renewables, water technology, advanced materials, satellite and ICT, security and defense and life science and health.

Commercialization Services

The commercialization services track focuses on accelerating the commercialization of R&D outcomes and early-stage innovations into economic activity starting with matured and ready products and services within all research and development centers across the Kingdom.